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Flower Bucket

Category: Bundle Pack

Model: JT00007

Rs 275.00
Rs 275.00

The easiest of the lot to build a light weight colorful Flower Bucket a kid can make it easily without any grownup involvement. The whole flower bucket is made with simple paper strips of different colors. We recommend to follow the steps shown in the step guide in details before you start making the flower bucket. As you start making the flower bucket make sure where you apply glue press is firmly so as to make sure each strip joints are firmly attached and doesn't move or the shape of the bucket would look bad. Once you have attached all the strips decorate the bucket pasting the flowers as shown in the step guide to make it look more beautiful at the end paste the small piece of cardboard provided to give it more stability and make it stand at a place.

They are very light weight so don't load it with heavy items you can put pencils, pens, sketch pends etc which are long and light weight and it could work as a nice holder on your desk making it looking beautiful and enhancing the look and feel. The box provides material to make 5 flower buckets so you have enough to make and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

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