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Fun With Flying

Category: Funtime Explorer

Model: JT00019

Rs 699.00
Rs 699.00

Bringing science experiments for the grownup kids, Air and flying is one of the areas which has always attracted kids. We have created this toy with multiple activities where the kid does not only learn about flying techniques as well learn more about aerodynamics. This box is packed with 3 different activities in one pack. Create the flying rockets and you can really fly the rockets higher with just help of s string. So much detailed and perfected rockets, kids can make two of them and compete with each other as to whose rocket flies higher. Its fun to make them and needs a lot of detailed work in making them where a grownup help might also be required.

Kids can make 6 aerodynamic origami planes which flies on air with just a little push. Bright colored paper planes which you do not learn in school you make it by yourself and show your friends. The box also includes two thin air kites which are really easy to make and decorate and flies in air with just a little bit of air. This box brings bundle of joy for the kids and let them have a fun time with friends and family. A perfect gift for your kid or your loved ones. Help them learn more about aerodynamics.

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