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Engage kids in Creative Activities and Enhance Skillsets

It is said that a child’s mental development is as important as his physical development. Years ago when the electronic gadgets didn’t exist children used to play outdoors and play various indoor games which made them creative and innovative, but nowadays kids are getting addicted to electronic gadgets day by day and hardly they go out to play which has led to the decline in their creativeness.

Jumboo helps to break this barrier and helps in boosting their creativeness and enhances their innovating skills. The products of Jumboo have been designed in such a way that they ignite the interest in a kid and also induce brain development in the children. Our products promise to sharpen their skillset and also provide competitive growth in the child. Apart from the fun part our toys are educational too and provide in-depth knowledge of child’s field of interest as they are integrated with their school curriculum. For an instance the toys give a better understanding of colours and shapes and also a better understanding of folding and gluing to the children and gives them a feeling of self-achievement and accomplishment when they create the toy themselves. So along with creative edge a child also gets the benefit of experiencing the feeling of growing is fun..!!!!!

What are Jumboo Activities?

We at Jumboo believe in going an extra mile and giving the users more and more hands on experience they can have with our products, hence we introduced the concept of Jumboo Activities under this segment we create a group of 15 to 20 children and our volunteers guide them in making various crafts which are outside our product line.

The activities are mostly held in fairs or reputed schools and colleges, short sessions of activities are conducted on weekends and longer sessions of activities are conducted during vacations, so that it becomes convenient for the children to participate. The activities are uniquely designed by us in such a way that it seeks complete involvement of a child and helps the child to Think, Create, Learn and Play. We have conducted activities in events like Flea Market, Weekend Window, and Maker’s Fest etc. and have also conducted workshops at CEPT University etc. We also provide customised Jumboo Activity sessions for birthday parties and other parties where we make the children create wonders out of papers.

  • Think

  • Create

  • Learn

  • Play

Development for your Child

Each and every product of Jumboo has been designed after extensive research and these unique DIY paper craft toys positively affect the below mentioned 12 factors in a child and help in complete development of a child.

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • cognitive

  • logical understanding

  • creating balance

  • enhance imagination

  • thinking problem solving

  • synced academics

  • enhanced senses

  • social engagement

  • building confidence

So what is inside Jumboo Box

Well, inside the box lies a magical world beyond your imagination, a possibility which you never thought was possible with paper and a revolutionary paper craft journey that you and your child will cherish..!!!

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