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Cuckoo's House

Category: Products

Model: JT00017

Rs 400.00
Rs 400.00

Old clocks had a bird chirping out every hour to notify the time and made a beautiful sound. Our Cuckoo`s House is inspired from the old cuckoo clock. Where this toy makes a great desk buddy which doesn't help you know the time but has a playful nature. The challenge is the kids have to create this beautiful cuckoo`s house themselves following the step guide and create the bird that moves in and out of the house so easily you wont believe your eyes.

Our team has always brought the best innovative toys made out of paper. This is another cool gift to give as a return gift on birthdays as well to buy it for your loved ones. The bird goes in and out of the house as and when the kid would like it to move. The colorful house is surely made to attract your kids creativity and help them come close to nature loving birds and the way they learn to preserve nature and its loved ones by loving the bird.

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