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Funny Characters

Category: Creative Pals

Model: JT00012

Rs 300.00
Rs 300.00

As the name sounds its a perfect DIY activity for kids all the creative characters are created with paper craft and are designed to look good. The box contains all the materials needed to create all the 5 funny characters. They are beautifully designed and easy for the kids to make. It helps develop motion skills and lets them create more patience and perfection in what they do. This evolves their imagination skills and helps them develop the characters by themselves looking at the step guide.

All the characters can be easily hanged at any place or stuck on mirror, fridge or any other place where the kids would love to showcase there skills. This is a perfect gift for the kids who love to enjoy time creating stuff, this helps them stay away from TV and modern gadgets and keep them busy creating something that they would not only enjoy making the toys but they can play with it and show to friends. The toys are designed with bright and bold colors and the series of funny characters are a perfect piece to gift on birthdays or just buy it for your kid. Enjoy the time making the funny characters with your kids and create all of the 5 characters.

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